Policy Principles

It is widely understood that climate change is bringing more frequent and prolonged droughts, yet California’s water policies have not kept pace with this new normal. Simply put, we have 20th century solutions for a 21st century crisis.

The breadth and complexity of the state’s water policy challenges, combined with the intense politics of divergent interests, too often results in delay or inaction on not only the big issues, but also on common-sense, modest solutions.

At California Water Service, we believe everyone should have access to water that is safe, clean, reliable, and affordable. And to achieve those goals, there are sensible approaches that warrant thoughtful consideration and timely action:

Cal Water is pleased to sponsor AB 838 by Assemblymember Damon Connolly (D-San Rafael), introduced in the California legislature in 2023, requiring all water providers to report these important metrics.
Preventing infrastructure failures is ultimately a means to keep water affordable because water that is unsafe to drink is not affordable at any price.
Cal Water encourages the Legislature to implement a permanent program that assists low-income customers, or those otherwise in need, pay their monthly water bills.
Pursuant to the enactment of Senate Bill 1469 (Bradford & Becker) in 2022, Cal Water seeks implementation of decoupling by the CPUC.
Cal Water recommends the state adopt an industry-wide approach to tiered rates for all water providers to motivate customers to better understand their water usage and reduce water use.
Cal Water recommends the state encourage all water suppliers to implement AMI. CalWater will also pursue CPUC approval of a utility-wide rollout of AMI.
Cal Water believes every water provider should complete and regularly update Climate Risk Assessment Plans that take full stock of the impacts of climate change to their water systems and develop advanced solutions to address and mitigate those risks.
Cal Water recommends that, when crafting eligibility criteria for grant and loan programs, the state ensure that all Californians remain eligible to benefit from these important programs by making all public utilities eligible for funding.