What Sets Us Apart

We serve about 2 million Californians across the state from Chico in the north to the Palos Verdes Peninsula in the south. We are the second largest retail water provider in the state, and the largest regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission. Our vast experience providing water to more than 110 diverse communities up and down California makes us unique and differentiates us as the leading water service provider in the state, benefiting every community we serve, and even those we don’t.

We believe everyone should have access to water that is safe, clean, reliable, and affordable. Providing this for our customers requires a proactive commitment to infrastructure investment, water quality, conservation, community safety, and equity. Here’s what sets us apart:

Industry Leader on Water Quality

As a water provider, maintaining safe, clean drinking water is paramount. We have an extensive water quality assurance program in every community we serve, and we are leading the way identifying and treating for high-risk contaminants well before it is mandated by regulators, making our water among the safest in the nation.

    • Our new treatment facility in Montebello is the first in the area to be constructed specifically to treat PFOS and PFOA in the water. Cal Water also has installed PFAS treatment plants in Oroville and Visalia.

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Industry Leader in Reliability through Responsible Investments in Infrastructure

We know that building and maintaining infrastructure is critical to delivering safe, reliable water to our communities across California. We have invested more in infrastructure maintenance and upgrades in the last decade than any other regulated water provider in California.

We will continue to be proactive. We recently proposed a three-year Infrastructure Improvement Plan with $1 billion of projects that will help us keep safe, clean, and affordable water flowing to those we serve.

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Industry Leader in Conservation and Sustainability

We have a responsibility to understand climate-change risks and work to mitigate them to provide a reliable source of water for our customers, even in the face of anticipated climate-driven droughts, floods, and worsening wildfires. We take a holistic approach to water efficiency and conservation and are committed to meeting or surpassing all regulatory requirements.

    • help customers identify and fix most outdoor irrigation leaks for free

    • offer rebates to remove lawns, and replace  spray irrigation with drip irrigation

    • provide free residential conservation kits with high-efficiency devices
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Passionate About Affordability and Equity for All Customers

Water is a basic human need, and we continually look for ways to manage costs while maintaining the reliability of our systems so our customers can afford and will have access to clean, safe drinking water. 

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Working to Improve the Safety and Quality of Life in our Communities

Working to Make Communities Safe

We are pursuing projects in high-risk fire areas to help ensure a sufficient, reliable water supply for firefighting and for our customers in the event of wildfire-related power shutoffs or outages.

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Committed Community Partner

We are as passionate about investing in our communities as we are about providing safe, reliable and affordable water service for our customers. As a water provider and community partner, our purpose is to improve the quality of life for our customers and communities.

    • In 2021, we donated more than $2 million in community support to groups across California, including the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, Chico Housing Action Team, Boys & Girls Club, food banks throughout California, and dozens of other organizations that help our communities thrive.

    • In 2021, Cal Water also secured $20.8 million in state funding to cover customers’ past due bills. In 2020, Cal Water provided $400K in coronavirus-related water bill relief. 

    • Last year, Cal Water awarded $80K in scholarships to help students attend college, many of whom are the first in their family to be able to pursue higher education.
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