What's On Tap

We often like to share our points of view and priorities with our communities and customers. We invite you to take a look and see what’s on tap at Cal Water.

Providing Safe, Clean Water Amid Climate Change

By Ken Jenkins, Chief Water Resource Sustainability Officer
2023 has proven to be another year of communities across the globe confronting the realities of climate change. Here at home, Californians have endured a wide range of extreme weather events, from heavy rainstorms and flooding in January and February that caused millions of dollars in damages to a tropical storm just last month—the first tropical storm to hit southern California in 84 years.

Partnership with Fire Departments Goes Beyond Water

By Kevin McCusker, Manager of Community Affairs
In 2019, Cal Water established our annual Firefighter Grant Program—available to both professional and volunteer fire departments—to help offset the costs. Since then, Cal Water has given more than $668,000 to fire departments throughout our service areas in California.

Offering Financial Support to Customers

By Theresa Baptiste, MBA, Director of Customer Service
Cal Water has helped more than 1,000 of our customers receive direct payments of financial assistance. We’re pleased to provide a range of programs to help those who may be struggling to pay their water bill, including the federally funded, state-administered Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP).

Rolling Hills Estates Transformation

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Cal Water partnered with Rolling Hills Estates to transform landscaping around their City Hall via our lawn-to-garden rebate program, promoting water conservation and long-term solutions.

Cal Water is a Leader in Water Affordability

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At Cal Water, we strive to provide clean, reliable, and affordable water to all California residents. We are committed to providing safe and reliable water to all of our California residents.

Can You Imagine a Day Without Water?

By Ken Jenkins, Chief Water Resource Sustainability Officer and Sophie James, Chief Water Quality Officer
Due to extreme weather patterns, water service providers must be prepared to face different challenges that come with climate change. We're already preparing for these changes by investing in infrastructure projects and ensuring our customers have safe, clean water through our rigorous water quality testing.

Making Water Conservation Part of Every Season

By Ken Jenkins – Chief Water Resource Sustainability Officer
While everyone can agree that California has had an intense—and in some cases, devastating—start to 2023, with heavy rainstorms causing loss of life and millions of dollars in damages, there are many questions and growing uncertainty surrounding what the state can expect next.

Needed Now: Safe Drinking Water for All Californians

By Sophie James, Director of Water Quality
While nobody disputes that everyone should have safe, clean drinking water, not every Californian does.

This is why the action California’s state environmental health officials took recently on so-called “forever chemicals” is so important.

Strength from Coming Together

By Kevin McCusker, Manager of Community Affairs
Being part of our communities means doing everything we can to help them thrive. Each year, our team members and neighbors work together to help those in need in the 100+ communities we serve.

From delivering food donations to running for charity to providing critical funding, we’re proud to support our communities in meaningful ways.

Maintaining Safe, Clean Drinking Water

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At Cal Water, we believe everyone should have access to water that is safe, clean, reliable, and affordable. We are committed to protecting and taking care of the environment and conserving our precious and finite water supply.