We believe everyone should have access to water that is safe, clean, reliable, and affordable.

That is Why We Lead the Industry in:

That is Why We Lead the Industry in:

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Cal Water is constantly working to provide reliable, high-quality water service to our customers and support for our communities. Here are some highlights.

What our Customers & Communities are Saying about Cal Water

“Cal Water has been a big supporter helping us develop research opportunities through our California Energy Research Center. They’re just a great community partner in terms of working with us to develop opportunities for our students.”

Katherine Dean of the School of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering, CSU, Bakersfield

“We wanted to thank each and every one of you for continuing to deliver safe, clean water to us, even during this COVID-19 emergency. It is a big deal—we appreciate your hard work, and we’re very thankful. Please know that we think of you every time we turn on our faucet.”

Customer in Portola Valley

“I would describe the relationship between Second Chance Animal Shelter and Cal Water as caring, kind and considerate.”

Scott Board Member, Second Chance Animal Shelter of Selma

“Thank you for continuing to provide clean water to my city! Water may seem like a small thing, but in times like these, it is the small things that matter most!”

Customer in Rancho Palos Verdes

“We really are thankful to Cal Water for allowing their employees the opportunity to give back to the community in which they work…Cal Water is more than just [a] water company, it’s the company about giving back and making the lives of others better.”

Edward CEO, Saint Mary's Dining Room