Posted November 29, 2023

Firefighters with hoseTo support local fire departments and their efforts to provide rescue and emergency services, Cal Water today announced it will award $186,077 in grants to eight California fire departments as part of the utility’s fifth annual Firefighter Grant Program.

“As a water provider, day in and day out we work together with fire departments in our service areas to supply the water and pressure they need to extinguish fires and save lives and property,” said Martin A. Kropelnicki, Cal Water President and CEO. “Their heroism is why we are compelled to support our local fire departments further and help make sure that they have the resources and tools necessary to keep our communities safe.”

From obtaining infrared cameras that firefighters can use to find people trapped in fires to the latest in firefighting hose technology, the grants are designed to offset costs associated with fire protection efforts, life-saving equipment, and training. The financial support is greatly needed, which has made the program popular since its start in 2019, according to the utility. That’s one of the reasons Cal Water has tripled its grant funding from the $60,000 it originally allocated.

Cal Water awarded its 2023 grants to the following departments in its service areas, based on need for resources to protect citizens or firefighters:

The firefighter grants are funded through Cal Water’s philanthropic giving program and do not impact customer rates.